By Jessica Parks

Patrons will only find one ingredient on the menu when visiting the recently-opened storefront in Greenwood Heights — an edible algae called spirulina, which the owners claim to have perfected better than the flavor many consumers are accustomed to.

“It is super nutritious, much more delicious, and also it is extremely sustainable,” said Jonas Guenther, co-owner of We are the New Farmers. “We grow all of the spirulina ourselves.” 

We are the New Farmers opened a storefront on Fifth Avenue near 20th Street, where customers can pick up their orders of the nutrient-rich algae grown from their farm in the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park, where they harvest the crop once each week. 

“I recommend placing an order online for the simple reason that we offer a fresh product, it expires so it is not a shelf-stable thing,” said Guenther. “And that means we harvest once a week… and people can pick it up the same day or the day after the harvest.” 

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